Mik Mentor: Lead & backing Vocals

Martin Meyer Sparvath: Guitars & Backing Vocals

Jeppe Campradt: Guitars

C. Nørgaard: Bass

Danny Woe: Drums



Mini-tour in Norway in May. See “Concerts” for more info.


2014: Mixing and mastering phase of the two 7” tracks due to be released in 2015.

Rehearsals and general preparations for the band’s forthcoming third full-length named “In the Cesspit of Divine Decay”.


2013: Release of the band’s second full-length album “Grand Gesture of Defiance” on gatefold LP

Recording of two new tracks for a 7″ entitled “Barren Grounds“.


2012: Release of a 5-track EP called “Salvation”.

Release of the band’s second full-length album “Grand Gesture of Defiance” on CD


2011: Playing concerts plus rehearsing new material for upcoming releases.


2010: Drummer Thomas Wesley Antonsen joins Altar of Oblivion as a full-time member shortly followed by the band’s debut gig in Aarhus, Denmark.


2009: Release of the band’s debut album “Sinews of Anguish”.


2008: Altar of Oblivion enter the studio to record their debut album “Sinews of Anguish” featuring session drummer/keyboardist Lars Strøm, who also produces the album.


2007: Release of the self-produced “The Shadow Era” demo.

Altar of Oblivion sign with US-label “Shadow Kingdom Records

Allan Larsen replaces the drum sticks with the guitar, and the band is searching for a new drummer.


2006: C. Nørgaard (bass) and Mik Mentor (vocals) join the band.


2005: Altar of Oblivion are formed by Martin Meyer Mendelssohn Sparvath (guitars/vocals/keyboards) and then drummer Allan B. Larsen (now guitars).